Real name blessing jumbo popularly known as Mandy is a 22 year old veteran singer and rapper, an artist of Coulda music entertainment(CME).

Mandy, with her unique,astonishing, seducing voice, did this track as her first debut for her new record label(COULDA MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT) which she got luck to be signed in some months ago. MILLION DOLLAR she named it, who knows why she had make it that way, no one i guess. As the news got to us by her label some weeks ago after the completion of this track. The track was defined as a club banger, “if a club crooner haven’t dance to this tune, then his/her clubing has not been fun enough” the label says. It also approach us that the popular I WANNA LIVE(promotional track by Nigerian upcoming artist) chorus singer was the only girl in her new label. Whao, lucky indeed we’ve got to say. Download, listen and post a comment of what you really think of this track, Mandy or her new label. To contact mandy please contact her label on 08100685213 or her manager on 07039822006.

Click below link to download Mandy-Million Dollar


4 thoughts on “UPCOMING ARTIST-Mandy – Million Dollar

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