Alabi mikel, Owner/C.E.O of coulda music entertainment recently review the success/bad story of the ongoing campaign; the “I WANNA LIVE CAMPAIGN”.
I wanna live is a promotional track to promote peace in Nigeria. The track are sang by Nigerian upcoming artist feat guest artist of the coulda music entertainment(CME) and sound sultan, he reviewed.

He further review about the success and hinder story of the campaign.

It has been so hard for us to collide and bring together the artist at first but now here we are, we really thank God, that is at minimal now, the number one problem we face back then when we first plan this campaign was to get the licence at first to make this track He further reviewed.

I wanna live, i truely wanna live a life of brotherhood, do you also truely want to live? Then i’ll say we can’t really wait for this promotional track. Peace ! Peace !! Peace!!! Is all we are saying.


8 thoughts on “Alabi mikel, Owner/C.E.O of coulda music talk about the I WANNA LIVE CAMPAIGN

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