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In some two(2) decades ago, another Neo-Nigeria Superstar was born to the Jumbo family originally from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria.

And Mandy, she’s called and popular know because “she never let go”, is the stagename in which Blessing Jumbo chooses to go by.

Mandy at her tender age loves and have passion for hip/hop, rap, reggae music and lot more, She will at her leisure time sit all alone and make a better compose of tracks then, at the age of 15, As a girl, Mandy started having more passion for music than anything else then with the believe that she’s Music Addikt. And before the age of 18, mandy successfully compose her first track titled “HE WAN DO WITH ME” but due to lack of help, she was unable to produce the track.

Mandy million dollar

In the early 2011, Mandy decided fully to open for a big name like, Asa, Sasha p, Eva, Muna, Waje and lot more veteran Nigerian female artist in the entertainment industry when she finally released her debut which she composed then at her tender age titled “HE WAN DO WITH ME”. This track has really help her to get attentions of Record label executives, C.E.O’s and Owners but was not fully successful in getting a good record label, promotion and management then. As also a student, Mandy couldn’t just keep on chasing her career alone without also facing her education and studies.

In the early 2012, Mandy goes on again to produce yet another track to make two(2) tracks she had while she titled this one “MILLION DOLLAR” not even minding the debut she made some years ago which has not been moving much forward. And on the 25th of may 2012, Mandy was invited by a label named COULDA MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT in Lagos Nigeria where she finally got luck to be officialy signed in.

Mandy, before and after her signing to COULDA MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT has always been looking forward to showcase her talent in places like, shows, gig events and lot more. If you have ever had the chance to witness Mo’chedah on stage then you will know what Mandy is like on stage. Due to her unique and seducing voice, Mandy has the ability to kill and have a total control of her shows which always let her live her audience in awe. Most people described her as “the best of her kind”. She has feature on lot of fast growing and rising artist like Tabootee, Slimkid, Foreigner and lot more and also feature on so many tracks like the peace promotional track in Nigeria, sang by all Nigerian upcoming artist titled “I WANNA LIVE” where she was the chorus singer. and on November 2012, Mandy was nomnated and won Sankelv Media award of the best upcoming female artist vocal in Nigeria held in Festac town,Lagos Nigeria.

Apart from being a singer, Mandy is also a good songwriter and also enjoy writing poems at her leisure period and time. And she’s currently studying Mass Communication at Ambrose Ali University(AAU), in Ekpoma, Edo state Nigeria.

To contact Mandy, Join her on facebook or twitter @officialmandy or her label, Coulda Music Entertainment on facebook or twitter @couldamusicent


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