Sankelv Media

Below is the video link and in write up of the exclusive interview between SUMBIE(one of the team of celeblrity scandal and ALABI TOYIN(the managing director of SANKELV MEDIA) in the Industry Night, ikeja Lagos.

he replied with hey.

CS: Please can you tell us about yourself.

AT: Sure, am Alabi Toyin, the managing director of Sankelv Media founded/owned by SLIMKID.

CS: SANKELV MEDIA? Excatly that is where we are driven to actually, can you please tell us something about that?

AT: ooh(laughing), actually Sankelv Media is an organisation and more of a company if i can say, it’s only just a platform created to lay a helping hand for the fast growing upcoming artistes who are out there without help and……….

CS: (banging in with laugh) sorry, you mention and talk about “LAYING A HELPING HAND” can you please tell us more about the type and kind of help u rendered?

AT: Sure, We promote, we manage and give them alot of the best shot to turn them a superstar that we can. Though it wasn’t so easy but with God you know nothing is impossible my dear sister.(he smiles)

CS: it wasn’t easy though you said, can you talk about some of this lil problem which your company or organisation rather?

AT: (sigh) yeah alot of problems we encounter. Actually the number problem is the LACK OF TRUST of the upcoming artistes and also of the believe that most people think that Slimkid is the C..E.O of SANKELV MEDIA, they all believe that such a small little brat can’t do big in their life, Slimkid though is the founder and owner of sankelv media but reverse is the case, we are Team, we got alot of people which are into Sankelv Media. And now we thank God we are really moving on, cus right now we are already having lots of partners like Record label executives/owners, promoters, artists and more.

Sankelv Media

CS: Thanks alot for the time, we hope you can just drop your contact for those that might really need it or…..

AT: (bang in with smile) yeah, yeah, yeah(noding his head) our contact still remain 08136226409, 08100685213 or mail to

CS: Thanks alot once again for the time, we hope and beleive that next time we need you, you gonna be there, right?

AT: Yeah, you are welcome(he moves)

To watch the interview and the conversation above just click below link @


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