Our nation !! Our pride

Sankelv Media in collaboration with Gijy Entertainment call upon all upcoming artist in ibadan to come together and join our peace promotional movement….. “We’ve made the Lagos version with some notable lagos upcoming artist…. And now the movement still continues as we take it down to ibadan for the ibadan upcoming artistes(your genres and mode of singing doesn’t matter) join us, as to release another track to promote peace in Nigeria and 1 day probably world peace” as reveal by sankelv….. The Lagos version was titled “I WANNA LIVE” and this ibadan version is gonna be titled “WE ARE THE FUTURE” this track is gonna be recorded at Gijy Studio, opposite, the polythecnic, Ibadan by the 1st of march….. At least 15 artistes are needed here to record this track…. “We can both make Nigeria a better place to be”….. This track is proudly sponsored by thebeat fm, star fm, 234downloads, gidimp3, music212, wazobia fm and many more other, to join i.e to participate please call Sankelv Media on 08136226409, 08088917935 or 08186187350

Our Nation !! Our Pride


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