After many weeks spend together, seems she can’t really hold up to herself as it’s kinda hard for her to hold up to her feelings which she finally shared with her South Africa housemate Angelo.

After telling him several private issues about herself, including how she used to sleep with men for money to help her family and how she once had a 4-month-old abortion for her Nigerian boyfriend. Beverly seems to take the chance to tell it all to her new partner.

While having an intimate moment with Angelo, her South-Africa lover, Beverly Osu openly told the guy that she is in love with him:
“I try to deny that I love you because I’m thinking it’s too early to love you when I don’t know how you are in the outside world.”
And her lover, Angelo, replied without commitment:
“To be honest, I’m also kind of scared of knowing you on the outside”
Beverly went ahead: “Can you marry someone like me?”
Angelo replied: “Yes, but would you marry someone like me?”
Beverly said: “Yes, I love you”

What do you think will finally come up between this two housemate in the out world? Don’t you think fate might bring them together? Well lets wait and see i guess.


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