Chocolate City rapper, Iceprince, paid a courtesy visit to Big Brother season 8 “The Chase” Housemates today.
Iceprince with housemates

“A Day With Iceprince And The Big Brother Housemates” commenced at exactly 12:05 as the Nigerian rapper stepped into the Big Brother house. The Housemates were surprised and happy to have an outsider — a star — in their premises “Ice prince and Ice Princess, I’m the princess,” Dillish declares in jest.
The Housemates discuss the ONE Campaign information packs with Nigerian superstar in the garden and explained they have to make videos addressed to the African Union this week.

“You guys have a new Housemate by the way, that’s me.” Iceprince stated.Big Brother and ONE Campaign would like Housemates to use this week to reach out to Africaby doing good.
The top 8 Housemates shared their struggle stories with Iceprince. The rapper also told them how he couldn’t go to University because of lack of funds but he made it.
Feza, Bimp, and Cleo have been nominated for possible eviction this week; neither Angelo nor Melvin were nominated. Beverly as the Head of House will have to swap the Nominations during her Save and Replace tonight.


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