You’all remember the gay pastor who had been raping a member of his church for years till he wasdiscovered? Pastor Phillip Ogbebor who is the Founder and General Overseer of Breakthrough Ministries, Owina Street, off Sakponba road Benin city City, is now at the federal medium security prison, Oko
When asked by Saturday Sun, he said
“I am only passing throughtemptation. I only did it four times with the man who is 22 years old and a regular member of my church. I can’t claim that it was the devil’s influence , let God decide my case.”
Trouble started when the victim who had been put under an oath of secrecy by the pastor decided to report his ordeal to his parents who in turn decided to inform the police.
The victim who doesn’t want his name in print toldSaturday Sun that he has been unduly harassed by Pastor Ogbebor since 2007 when he was only fifteen years old and that he madehim to take several oaths of secrecy in order not to reveal the secret to anybody.He further said that the suspect threatened to kill him if he disclosed the act to anyone.
According to him,
“each time, I told him it is painful and that I don’t want to do it again. I told him I will tell my parents but he forced me to take oath saying if I ever tell anyone I will not live to seethe next day”
He furthered revealed how Ogbebor mixed olive oil with sand and robbed it onhis head while chanting incantations in an unusual language and casting spells on him, with an emphasis on the fact that if he tells anybody he would die like a fowl. He said to buttress his threat he gave him the liver and gizzard of chickento eat saying these acts were usually performed at 12.00 midnight under the guise of a night vigil.
The victim who said he is a regular member of Pastor Ogbebor’s church said he was disturbed by his deteriorating health and was forced to narrate his ordeal to another pastor.
He said the man of God advised him to report the bad conduct of Pastor Ogbebor before the congregation which he did but Ogbebor was said to have denied it before the congregation. After the confession by the victim tothe congregation, his father who is also a member of the church promptly confronted Pastor Ogbebor on the matter and as the issue was degenerating into rowdiness in the church, Pastor Ogbebor was said tohave confessed to the crime and pledged to take the victim who has been battling with spiritual and health challenges to the hospital for medical treatment.
It was at that stage that the father of the victim who was in shock over thedevelopment reported the matter to the police for proper investigation.
The Magistrate was said to have ordered his detentionat the Oko medium security prison in the state capital pending the commencement of trial.

Source: Tiwasblog


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