News from a reliable source reaching us few minutes ago has confirmed that the Association of Senior Staff Union Of Polythecnic ASSUP has today 4th Octomber begin a nationwide indefinite strike.

The Board concluded today 4th Oct. After a brief meeting in Bida, Niger state.

“The meeting finally result into this indefinite strike as a result of unfulfilment of Federal Government promise to the Association” the President said while addressing the press today in Bida, Niger Sate. Click Here to continue reading this article

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27 thoughts on “News: Assup Begins Nationwide Strike

  1. We Nigerian students do not bother ourself the Almighty GOD is with us, Therefore Nigerian leaders contineurs your bad rulling and make your childrens advance across the countries,for there education,should remember GOD is not allow yours one day one time contineution perfectlyx


  2. GOD is the one that took them there and for what they are doing the GOD that took them there will surely take them out of the office is just time and whether them like or not they must call off the strike, but before then GOD will surely punish them for the act that they have done.


  3. Assup strike is killing the student’s future. pls, the federal government should do something abt dis strike of a thing b4 it gets out of hand.


  4. na wa for nigeria o! every paras taters just de go for strike, and federal government no de careful is until when PENGASAN also join d strike b4 dem go hear our voice


    1. nawa 4 dis country nija. no truth 4 d 4 o lock news were i hear with my ear wen baba God give 2 concernig wating i hear on 12 wish on saturday say assu don off dere strick . Even google don learn hw 2 tel lie self


    2. Father, king of d whole univers, we re here beging u 2 tourch d hat of our so caled leaders who re mis-using d gte8 opportunity of leadership dat u ve endow on dem 2 call of dis unpleasant strick dat is affecting sme of us dat wil b graduating dis.


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