Are you an upcoming artist? Record label? Artist manager? Looking forward in owing a video to your hit single, to shoot a video for your artists songs?

Then congratulations, here is an opportunity for you to shoot a very quality standard video for your hit single and you get free promotion with Real Money Film.

Upcoming artists plan ranges from as low as 70k only with standard behind the scene and location. To get started and for more information call Sankelv Media on 08122751610 or 08100685213.

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As you’ve already know, Sankelv Media was launched in the late 2012 to help and support the Nigerian Up and Coming artist both home and abroad.
They have now grown tremendously with lots of artist they are managed and have helped.

Now they have open up again to signing few artists for management deal and more. Now it doesnt matter your location, your mode of singing and others, they have made it possible for artist to be manage online, so no matter where your location is, they ve got you covered.

So, if you are an upcoming artist looking forward in pushing your dream beyond, then here is a chance, they manage, they sign, they promote. Any of their services needed.
Contact them on 08122751610 and 08100685213. Follow them on twitter @SANKELVMEDIA and on
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We are definitely openning for big name ! We are commited to our call !! We are for you.

To broadcast your single/album (audio/video) please send the links only to the song (hulkshare,4shared & more) via mail to with the official cover art to the song.

To post an advert with us, space are available for you too

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Got something you want to share with us? Or are you a writer/blogger that wants to be featured on our site? We are opening up for writers who want to write, contribute, publish and let their voices be heard.

Articles can range from topics about social issues, relationships, humor, fashion, African Culture, Inspirational, etc.

Here are the following guidelines to writing an article for Us:

1. Articles should be original i.e. Not copied from a different source that is not originally yours. If some information is derived from other sources please state the source in the article.

2. Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group. Each article will be reviewed prior to publishing.

3. Articles should be fairly accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.

4. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean venacular cannot be used. If you write in pidgin english then by all means do so. We are not opposed to that.

5. Articles should have a picture related to the article topic included in the article. This helps out a great deal as our blog system lays out articles with a picture thumb.

To register as a Publisher click the following link, REGISTER AS A PUBLISHER

The Publishe role allows you to write/publish/manage your article, upload the pictures or music associated with the article. An admin, or editor will have to approve your article before it is published.

register now, and start letting your voice be heard.

For questions issues and concerns please contact Thanks for the support.

MySankelv Team

Are you so anxious to hear and know thoroughly the lyric that made up that your favourite song? this is how, just follow the arrow below and it will lead you to where you can get all Naija Lyrics, guess what? they are all free.

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This package is mainly for the up and comings only !!!

Like we all know that this days, Record label are so hard to find, that is why Sheba Ent. and Sankelv Med. has decided to lay a helping hand for the risen glory’s.

With Sheba, you don’t have to bother searching for a label, we will do that for you. you don’t have to worry over promoting your tracks/videos Sankelv Media is here for you. we will do that for you.

For more about this promo please call +2348136226409 or +2348100685213